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The amount donated will be used to set up and run an Usha Silai School in a rural area and includes all expenses that go into training of 1 woman over a period of 9 days. The woman will also be given a start up kit consisting of a foot operated Usha Sewing Machine, sewing and stitching syllabus in vernacular, training material, service manual, certificate and an Usha Silai School signage. You can also opt to contribute towards helping out more than one woman. To know more please visit http://www.ushasilaischool.com/ 

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The cost of 1 Silai school is INR 22,000/- The cost break up is given below


Amount (INR)

Start up Kit
Sewing Machine Cost (Usha Tailor Foot operated machine inclusive of GST) – INR 4,435
Course Booklet – INR 440
Training Recall Booklet – INR 50
School Board – INR 700
Transportation of Sewing Machine/Booklet/Signage – INR 525


Honorarium for Sewing Trainer / Travel Cost (Trainers & Technician)


Training Material (Cloth, Scissor etc.)


Boarding and Lodging (Trainer & Technician)


Misc. Exp. (Certificate Printing, Inauguration Expenses)




NGO Cost (Monitoring cost for 1st  year, Boarding & Lodging of NGO team and women entrepreneurs – inclusive of GST)


Extended NGO Support Cost for 2nd & 3rd Year


Grand Total