Empowering communities in Rajasthan

Read how Silai School helping women (Case study)

Gomi Devi (Silai School Trainer)
Women participating in Silai school training 
26 years old Gomi Devi is from the village called Bhaturia in Barmer district of Rajasthan. She has been staying  in the village with her two children and husband named Chaturram since she got married at the age of 15 years. They belong to the Suthar community, a group of people who are engaged in animal husbandry, agriculture and even carpentry work. Many of the menfolk from the community migrate to Maharastra and Gujarat in search of work. Most of the people in this village are in the BPL (Below Poverty Level Category).
After her marriage, Gomi Devi stayed in a joint family. Her husband was an alcholic and did not have a regular income. Like many other families, even her inlaws started creating mental and physical violence on her. She decided to move out  of her house along with her husband and children. She decided to do something to improve her and her family’s economic situation.
Due to her own initative and pro-activeness she started meeting people in the village, asking them about the prospects of starting some work. It was then that the local NGO suggested her about the Usha Silai School Program. She readily agreed to attend the 7 days of residential training and start Usha Silai School at her own home in the village.
Gomi Devi attended the residential training program from 13th-19th Feb 2016. Ever since she has been succesfully running the Usha Silai School.She charges about Rs 50 per person as fee from each learners. She also takes job work from the village. Her approximate  earning is about Rs 7000/- a month. She has been able to look after her children well, and meet all her day to day household expenses. She has also been able to succesfully support her husband in getting de-addiction from alcohol and opium.
Since she is a member of a Self Help Group, she travels to several villages and informs people about the Usha Silai Schools and the advantages of savings, good health and hygine habits etc. She has emerged as an important resource person for the village